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Why Weight Lifting is so Important

No matter where you look, it seems that the world is in a solid agreement that Weight Lifting and your testosterone levels are closely related. Something about lifting weights energizes the body and builds up its testosterones levels in a natural and pill-free way. But what exactly is it that causes this reaction? Where is the correlation?

About ten years ago, there was a study done at the University of Ertemadura. Twenty male volunteers with no prior experience in training and strength agreed to have their testosterone levels watched over a period of 4 weeks. Any natural or enhancing supplement was barred from being used, so all the results are natural gains.

At the end of the four weeks, there was a 40% gain in Testosterone. At that same point, a quote was found in the study that shows that resistance training forces the body to absorb more androgens and makes the levels go down quite briefly after you get through the initial reduction, the more you lift, the higher your levels!



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