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When Does Andropause Happen?

Andropause is one of those things where if you aren’t entirely sure as to what it does or is, it can be completely terrifying. After all, one of the people’s biggest fears is that of the unknown. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to figure out what Andropause is. However, as to when it starts is another matter. Right Around the age of forty (give or take), the male system starts to show symptoms exhibiting Andropause. Generally, as men age, their systems starts to lose testosterone. Normally, this would be at about 1% each year.

So as a solid point of reference, if it starts to happen to you at around 40, by the time you hit close to 70, your testosterone levels are at abut 50%. So if at any point you are feeling quite exhausted, it could just be on account of low testosterone levels. Remember that Andropause is completely natural, its happens and there are ways to build testosterone back up.


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