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What is Andropause?

What is AndropauseAndropause occur when a man has low level of testosterone in the body. When a man reaches the age of 45, he will experience a phenomenon that is like the menopausal stage in women. However, unlike menopause, andropause do not have a menstruation mark that will determine the transition. Instead, certain bodily changes may occur and this can be accompanied with fatigue, mood swings, loss of physical dexterity and loss of sexual drive. Studies have shown that reduced levels of testosterone in a man’s body can also result to various health conditions.

The symptoms of andropause usually include decreased energy and fatigue, weight gain, decreased interest in sex or libido, depression, forgetfulness, low self-esteem, irritability, bone loss and sleep difficulties. When andropause occur, activities will gradually slow down. Any form of physical activity in men requires effort and if a man is going through andropause, he may experience lethargy. Andropausal men have lesser sex interest as well. This is also due to the reduced levels of testosterone in the body.

Men who are going through the andropause stage are at risk of losing 10% lean body mass as well. Muscle loss is often accompanied with increased fat mass, which is why most men going through andropause period tend to become obese or overweight. Another common problem with andropause is loss of memory. Even those men who are healthy sometimes forget about things but with men who are going through andropause sate, there is a noticeable change when it comes to memory retention. Aside from that, when the condition worsen, it may also result to loss of concentration and focus.

The activities that some men can easily deal with can become difficult all of a sudden. In addition, since andropause men tend to gain weight, they usually have lowered self-esteem. This can be accompanied by inability to make decisions confidently and to solve issues. This condition may also result in sleep disruption. Men suffering from such condition usually have hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. Because of this, men tend to be very irritable and experience fatigue during the day. Bone loss may also occur and this is often considered as another relevant symptom of andropause.


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