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Many are asking, "is psoriasis contagious?", know the answer now. Be aware that there are specific symptoms of lung cancer in men, know them now. For women, one issue that affects a lot is their battle with menopause depression. Learn ways to conquer it. Before deciding on getting one, be informed of the different keratin hair treatment side effects. Yeast infection is becoming prevalent nowadays. Good thing there are yeast infection natural treatment that has been proven safe and effective.

The Surprisingly Quiet Symptom

One unknown symptom of Andropause is, surprisingly enough, depression. Reason being, it’s not directly caused by the Andropause, but by one of its symptoms. Andropause causes a drop in testosterone. When that happens, you have to think about the end result. Testosterone is one of the biggest chemicals that effects our bodies. As a result when the level of that chemical drops drastically, we tend to react poorly. Depression is a very serious matter, and isn’t one to trifle with. So then, how do you combat against this symptom?

One solid way is to start paying more attention to your physical health. Start exercising more, as exercise is a solid way to ramp up your testosterone levels. Getting the proper sleep is also an added bonus, but at the same time, shortening rest periods in your exercising cycles. The key here is that you want to make sure that your reps are consistent and your body is being properly exercised. Your sleep cycles must be fulfilling as well. Your cycles need to be solid an consistent!


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