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Symptoms of Andropause and How to Cope Up With Them

Andropause is a reality that men need to cope up with just like how women cope up with menopause. If women are hard up with menopause symptoms, men are having a hard time coping up with andropause too.

Below are symptoms of andropause which every man ought to know:

  1. A man who is experiencing andropause may experience depression.
  2. A man who is experiencing andropause may experience lack of libido.
  3. A man who is experiencing andropause may also become socially withdrawn.
  4. A man who is experiencing andropause may also become irritable.
  5. A man who is experiencing andropause may also become prone to back aches and head aches.
  6. A man who is experiencing andropause may also become hypersensitive.
  7. A man who is experiencing andropause may also suffer from anxiety.
  8. A man who is experiencing andropause may also experience hot flashes.
  9. A man who is experiencing andropause may also have mood swings.
  10. A man who is experiencing andropause may also suffer from depression.


If you begin experiencing this symptoms and it negatively affects your life and work, do not hesitate to go to the doctor for some advice. Andropause can be regulated if you want so that it does not steal the happy moments of your life. There are many options for you to treat these. You may try hormone replacement therapy.



Andropause: Male Menopause

While andropause is not exactly male menopause, it is the next best description that you can give to it if you associate it with advancement of age problems of men. Midlife crisis can also be experienced by men. This is through andropause. It is now being accepted as existent in the medical field. So many people are now aware of its symptoms.

Symptoms of andropause can range from depression, loss of sexual function or loss of energy. Your bones also lower in density so you feel weaker. You are actually losing testosterone so you feel the great change like women in their menopausal age.

In order to alleviate these symptoms, you can have some testosterone replacement.

Replace the lost testosterones with the help of a physician. They can recommend to you some testosterone supplements. They can be in capsules, gel, or injections. They can also be available through patches. Discuss with your doctor what is the best form of treatment for you. After you get your testosterone replacement, you visit your doctor regularly too. This is very important.


Andropause and Its Symptoms


We are all familiar with a menopause and the effects that it has on women. But, there are only a few number of people who actually heard that men can have menopause as well – andropause. The effects of menopause affect some aging man and the symptoms themselves have superficial similarities with the well known menopause that affects women.
Some doctors think that the actual problem that causes the andropause is decline in the aging male or the low testosterone. Whatsoever, a decline in the production of the testosterone is also possible in some other conditions such as diabetes.
So, what are the symptoms men feel during their menopause or andropause?
•    they certainly feel tired
•    weakness
•    depression on various levels
•    sexual problems
It hasn’t been proved that the decline in the testosterone level produces all the following symptoms. The exact relation between all these symptoms is not fully revealed but a certain “pause” itself,  without any doubt, does exist. It is, therefore, also known that during a women menopause the production of female hormone drops suddenly and during andropause, there is a significant difference. Men do experience a decline in hormone levels but it is much more smooth and slower than in women menopause. In fact, some men will be able to keep the level of testosterone on a decent level into old age as well. Another controversy is that there are men with low testosterone levels who do not experience any symptoms of andropause at all.
However, there is a way to check if you are running low on testosterone or if the level of the hormone has diminished as the time goes by. Taking a simple blood test will remove your doubts and you will be able to take a day off of the house working saying that you are suffering an andropause and take a well deserved rest!


Suggestions for treatment for Andropause

Even thought Andropause is not yet considered as ”diagnosed” or ”treated”, people who had this condition have found some relief using the below methods :

  • Morley emphasizes the importance of response to treatment, as well as testosterone level and identifiable symptoms.
  • Some suggested that testosterone is not the only effected hormone and that exercise and diet will have an positive effect on the symptoms.
  • Depression on older men considered a kick-start for this condition. Treat any not-closed issues you may have and treat your depression.

The treatments below have found to be effective. These are:

  • Replacing the hormones therapy
  • Dietary transformation, exercise and stress reduction.

Know the Andropause Symptoms

Andropause Symptoms


Passing the age of 35 to 40 and entering early 50s can cause various physical changes in a man as well as psychological changes. The physical strength and endurance, mental concentration and focus are reduced, thus resulting to various health concerns. While the symptoms can be due to poor lifestyle that was being followed for several years studies have shown that it can also be the symptoms of male menopause. People are well aware of female menopause, which occurs once women reach the age of 40 to 45 years old. Not many people believe that menopause occur in males as well. Continue reading


What is Andropause?

What is AndropauseAndropause occur when a man has low level of testosterone in the body. When a man reaches the age of 45, he will experience a phenomenon that is like the menopausal stage in women. However, unlike menopause, andropause do not have a menstruation mark that will determine the transition. Instead, certain bodily changes may occur and this can be accompanied with fatigue, mood swings, loss of physical dexterity and loss of sexual drive. Studies have shown that reduced levels of testosterone in a man’s body can also result to various health conditions. Continue reading


Male Andropause Symptoms

Male Andropause Symptoms


The symptoms of andropause can be easily understood if you are aware of the effects of testosterone in the body. Sudden surge of adrenaline in the body, deepness of the voice, growth of body hair and the ability to run fast and lift heavy objects are all attributable to the levels of testosterone in the body. Lack of testosterones may result to various physical and psychological changes. Some of the common male andropause symptoms include the following: Continue reading


Andropause Test

Andropause TestHormone replacement therapy or HRT is now becoming more and more popular, especially for men who are in their andropause stage. Just like menopause, andropause may cause fluctuations on male hormones, particularly the levels of testosterone. Some of the most common symptoms of andropause include depression, irritability, lack of interest in sex, fatigue and tiredness, lowered sexual drive and weakness. In order to diagnose the condition, you might go through blood testing. The symptoms will be considered as well in order to determine the condition. Continue reading


Andropause Natural Treatment

Andropause Natural TreatmentAndropause is the man’s version of a woman’s menopause.  Andropause is related to gradual physical and psychological changes that occur in men aged 40 to 55 years old. Men going through this stage may experience sudden mood changes, fatigue, loss of energy, physical agility, loss of sexual drive and other health conditions like heart disease and bone problems. This is because as a man’s age increase, it causes decreased levels of testosterone thus resulting to andropause. The symptoms of andropause may differ from one person to another but the major symptoms of this condition include erectile dysfunctions, decreased interest in sex or libido, night sweats, inability to sleep, infertility, bone loss and depression. Continue reading