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Male Andropause Symptoms

Male Andropause Symptoms


The symptoms of andropause can be easily understood if you are aware of the effects of testosterone in the body. Sudden surge of adrenaline in the body, deepness of the voice, growth of body hair and the ability to run fast and lift heavy objects are all attributable to the levels of testosterone in the body. Lack of testosterones may result to various physical and psychological changes. Some of the common male andropause symptoms include the following:



  • One of the most common and noticeable symptom of andropause is the sudden fall of sexual drive. Men suffering from andropause may experience decreased libido, obvious disinterest in sexual intercourse, lowered stamina levels and erectile dysfunction.
  • Highly reduced energy and strength levels are symptoms of andropause as well. If constant feeling of tiredness and lethargy persists without visible illness or disease, it can be due to the fact that the body is not producing enough testosterone anymore.
  • If a middle-aged man found it hard to concentrate on his daily activities, this can also be due to andropause condition. Impaired or reduced memory can also cause the onset of this condition.
  • Just like the symptoms of menopause, the symptoms of andropause may also include sudden sweating which is also known as hot flashes. Inexplicable and sudden sweating is often attributed to reduced levels of testosterone in the body.

Decreased strength, sense of agility, memory, virility and muscle strength are classic symptoms of male andropause. Unfortunately, male andropause symptoms are unavoidable and every male will eventually go through it in time. This process is natural and inevitable as hormone secretions and bodily functions gradually diminish as a man ages. In case you are noticing symptoms of andropause as you age, make sure that you consult your physician for diagnosis. This is to determine if you are having low levels of testosterone in the body and to devise an appropriate treatment plan for your condition.


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