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Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise play a massive role in Andropause treatment. As in every treatment, having a body that is fit and has nutrients to run off of is beneficial. Think about the difference between fighting a cold when you’ve eaten terribly, versus when you’re eating full meals. When you’re body is working at a solid pace, you automatically feel better. Remember that Andropause is a collection of symptoms including fatigue and low libido.

But when you think about it, what sort of things are attributed to having a poor diet? What about not exercising? Fatigue, Low libido, and more! So if Andropause causes these things already, you can tell that having a poor diet is just going exacerbate the situation. The last thing of note here, is to realize that when it comes to the body, we’re built to have properly run bodies. It’s always a good idea to be healthier, especially since it can be tougher as we get older.

Keep a solid diet and exercise regiment, and you’ll see a heck of a difference.


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