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Andropause Test

Andropause TestHormone replacement therapy or HRT is now becoming more and more popular, especially for men who are in their andropause stage. Just like menopause, andropause may cause fluctuations on male hormones, particularly the levels of testosterone. Some of the most common symptoms of andropause include depression, irritability, lack of interest in sex, fatigue and tiredness, lowered sexual drive and weakness. In order to diagnose the condition, you might go through blood testing. The symptoms will be considered as well in order to determine the condition.

If your physician decided to let you undergo HRT, this can be done through injection or patch form. Although this may seem like an easy treatment, this option has side effects. Increasing the level of testosterone in the body may result to water retention, weight gain, reduced fertility, headache and swollen ankles. Aside from that, this type of treatment is not suitable for those with heart conditions, breast or prostate cancers, diabetes and high blood pressure. Your physician may also suggest the treatment of individual symptoms.

Another alternative treatment for this condition is to rebalance the levels of hormones in the body naturally. This method was proven effective for both men and women. This treatment method has shown better results compared to HRT as well. The package comes with six audios, each has 45 minutes with a study guide and comprehensive book where you can get the information you need in order to deal with this condition. However, if you want to opt for HRT, make sure that you discuss this with your physician first, including the side effects of the treatment.

Take note that andropause symptoms can be easily prevented as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Following a healthy diet and regular exercise routine can help you alleviate the symptoms of andropause and treat the condition as well.


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