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Andropause and the Mid-Life Crisis

There’s a very distinct period in a man’s life where he starts to desire for the thirst of life. During this Mid-Life Crisis He becomes rather dissatisfied as to how it’s turning out, and therefore he becomes focused on bringing back the enjoyment in his life, often times it can lead him to become who he’s going to become. If he doesn’t accomplish that, he becomes prone to things such as Alcoholism and Suicide.  At the same time, this period is also linked to when he starts being majorly affected by Andropause. The Testosterone drop can similarly create a feeling of dissatisfaction and can frustrate men everywhere.

So as a result, one thing that isn’t addressed during this period is your testosterone. The more testosterone you have, the happier you are, generally speaking at least. So when you start to feel this way, it’s time to address that as well as your general happiness. Take a look through the rest of the website and you’ll find useful information on that subject.


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