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A Vegetarian Based Diet

Changing Your Diet

When you hit middle age, there are many schools of thought that say you should be changing your diet. This isn’t even an uncommon trait, as many animals age, their diets change. Think about your pets, as they age, what they need in their bodies changes. Now you aren’t your pet by any means, but think about the phrase, your palette changes with age!

As it turns out, you are supposed to be changing to a more vegetarian based diet right around the time you hit middle age. The reason being is that humans are supposed to start getting rid of animal based fats, and move towards other nutrients. Seeds, nuts, and avocados have high omega-3′s, which contain a different kind of fat that’s more beneficial as we age. Cutting out meats and replacing them with comparable nutrients is often times the best way to help keep our bodies healthy and happy.


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