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8 Herbs for Andropause

The Global Healing Center put out a list a couple years ago. This list was populated with herbs that are meant to help people suffering with Andropause ease the symptoms. Remember the Andropause is a sharp drop in Sexual Energy, and testosterone levels, so it makes sense that many of the herbs would help ease these symptoms. Many herbs, such as Suma, have been long used in their native countries and beyond to help heal and stimulate the male libido.

Luckily, many of the herbs are in fact legal in the United States. If your suffering from low libido, whether its related to Andropause or not, its worth it to check these out. Many places, such as vitamin shops will have these sort of things ground up into capsules. Even if you can’t catch them at the shops however, there are places that will allow you to buy those plants online as well!


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