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5 Facts About Andropause

1. It can start as early as 40

Andropause is caused by a huge variety of different symptoms. So while is may suck to have it happen at such a young age, it’s not uncommon.

2. It’s completely natural

Hormone deficiency is completely natural. Men’s bodies go through this all the time. At no point should you ever feel ashamed that you have it, because it happens to everyone.

3. It can cause insomnia

The chemical imbalance can cause some wacky symptoms. One is actually lack of sleep! If you’re in your 40′s and you suddenly are finding it hard to sleep, bring up the possibility with your doctor.

4. It can cause body hair loss

The world has come to recognize men as being tougher with body hair. Having Andropause can start to make you have bald patches!

5. It can be placated by diet and exercise

The secret to a healthy and happy life is diet and exercise! It can help alleviate the symptoms quite easily in fact!


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