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Know the Andropause Symptoms

Andropause Symptoms


Passing the age of 35 to 40 and entering early 50s can cause various physical changes in a man as well as psychological changes. The physical strength and endurance, mental concentration and focus are reduced, thus resulting to various health concerns. While the symptoms can be due to poor lifestyle that was being followed for several years studies have shown that it can also be the symptoms of male menopause. People are well aware of female menopause, which occurs once women reach the age of 40 to 45 years old. Not many people believe that menopause occur in males as well. Continue reading


Zinc: A Weapon for Your Arsenal

Zinc is a solid mineral in your body that is very necessary for your body’s health. In fact, your Zinc levels are involved with your hormonal balance and reproductive health in general. The big things about Andropause however, is that it is directly involved with your testosterone levels and reproductive system.

So when you get older, it is very important that you keep your levels built up. As you go through Andropause, you can easily find zinc supplements to help keep your levels balanced out. Using this method, in tandem with several other methods that you can easily find on this site can help you make sure that any Andropause symptoms you do experience with but keep at a more mild level. If you’re looking to find more information on how Zinc affects your body, check out this article from Healthspan.


Andropause and the Mid-Life Crisis

There’s a very distinct period in a man’s life where he starts to desire for the thirst of life. During this Mid-Life Crisis He becomes rather dissatisfied as to how it’s turning out, and therefore he becomes focused on bringing back the enjoyment in his life, often times it can lead him to become who he’s going to become. If he doesn’t accomplish that, he becomes prone to things such as Alcoholism and Suicide.  At the same time, this period is also linked to when he starts being majorly affected by Andropause. The Testosterone drop can similarly create a feeling of dissatisfaction and can frustrate men everywhere.

So as a result, one thing that isn’t addressed during this period is your testosterone. The more testosterone you have, the happier you are, generally speaking at least. So when you start to feel this way, it’s time to address that as well as your general happiness. Take a look through the rest of the website and you’ll find useful information on that subject.


Why Weight Lifting is so Important

No matter where you look, it seems that the world is in a solid agreement that Weight Lifting and your testosterone levels are closely related. Something about lifting weights energizes the body and builds up its testosterones levels in a natural and pill-free way. But what exactly is it that causes this reaction? Where is the correlation?

About ten years ago, there was a study done at the University of Ertemadura. Twenty male volunteers with no prior experience in training and strength agreed to have their testosterone levels watched over a period of 4 weeks. Any natural or enhancing supplement was barred from being used, so all the results are natural gains.

At the end of the four weeks, there was a 40% gain in Testosterone. At that same point, a quote was found in the study that shows that resistance training forces the body to absorb more androgens and makes the levels go down quite briefly after you get through the initial reduction, the more you lift, the higher your levels!



For Clarity

There is the truth that in some ways, Andropause is commonly called Male Menopause. However, this isn’t quite as spot on as it may lead you to believe. As a male, you obviously aren’t going to experience the many symptoms that come with Menopause. So to clarify, Andropause doesn’t mean that you are going through Menopause. BUT, it is still something that you will most likely go through, so don’t brush it off as if it is nothing. As men, we rely heavily on our testosterone, we use it to motivate our every action, so it’s quite important that we make sure that it’s kept up to snuff. This website is meant to help guide you through the harrowing times of Andropause, and as the month go, we’ll begin to post more and more about treatment, preventative measure, and things you can do to keep your testosterone in check. So the next time you think of Andropause, don’t think in fear, think of what you’re going to do to get ahead of it!


When Does Andropause Happen?

Andropause is one of those things where if you aren’t entirely sure as to what it does or is, it can be completely terrifying. After all, one of the people’s biggest fears is that of the unknown. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to figure out what Andropause is. However, as to when it starts is another matter. Right Around the age of forty (give or take), the male system starts to show symptoms exhibiting Andropause. Generally, as men age, their systems starts to lose testosterone. Normally, this would be at about 1% each year.

So as a solid point of reference, if it starts to happen to you at around 40, by the time you hit close to 70, your testosterone levels are at abut 50%. So if at any point you are feeling quite exhausted, it could just be on account of low testosterone levels. Remember that Andropause is completely natural, its happens and there are ways to build testosterone back up.


8 Herbs for Andropause

The Global Healing Center put out a list a couple years ago. This list was populated with herbs that are meant to help people suffering with Andropause ease the symptoms. Remember the Andropause is a sharp drop in Sexual Energy, and testosterone levels, so it makes sense that many of the herbs would help ease these symptoms. Many herbs, such as Suma, have been long used in their native countries and beyond to help heal and stimulate the male libido.

Luckily, many of the herbs are in fact legal in the United States. If your suffering from low libido, whether its related to Andropause or not, its worth it to check these out. Many places, such as vitamin shops will have these sort of things ground up into capsules. Even if you can’t catch them at the shops however, there are places that will allow you to buy those plants online as well!


5 Facts About Andropause

1. It can start as early as 40

Andropause is caused by a huge variety of different symptoms. So while is may suck to have it happen at such a young age, it’s not uncommon.

2. It’s completely natural

Hormone deficiency is completely natural. Men’s bodies go through this all the time. At no point should you ever feel ashamed that you have it, because it happens to everyone.

3. It can cause insomnia

The chemical imbalance can cause some wacky symptoms. One is actually lack of sleep! If you’re in your 40′s and you suddenly are finding it hard to sleep, bring up the possibility with your doctor.

4. It can cause body hair loss

The world has come to recognize men as being tougher with body hair. Having Andropause can start to make you have bald patches!

5. It can be placated by diet and exercise

The secret to a healthy and happy life is diet and exercise! It can help alleviate the symptoms quite easily in fact!


The Surprisingly Quiet Symptom

One unknown symptom of Andropause is, surprisingly enough, depression. Reason being, it’s not directly caused by the Andropause, but by one of its symptoms. Andropause causes a drop in testosterone. When that happens, you have to think about the end result. Testosterone is one of the biggest chemicals that effects our bodies. As a result when the level of that chemical drops drastically, we tend to react poorly. Depression is a very serious matter, and isn’t one to trifle with. So then, how do you combat against this symptom?

One solid way is to start paying more attention to your physical health. Start exercising more, as exercise is a solid way to ramp up your testosterone levels. Getting the proper sleep is also an added bonus, but at the same time, shortening rest periods in your exercising cycles. The key here is that you want to make sure that your reps are consistent and your body is being properly exercised. Your sleep cycles must be fulfilling as well. Your cycles need to be solid an consistent!


A Vegetarian Based Diet

Changing Your Diet

When you hit middle age, there are many schools of thought that say you should be changing your diet. This isn’t even an uncommon trait, as many animals age, their diets change. Think about your pets, as they age, what they need in their bodies changes. Now you aren’t your pet by any means, but think about the phrase, your palette changes with age!

As it turns out, you are supposed to be changing to a more vegetarian based diet right around the time you hit middle age. The reason being is that humans are supposed to start getting rid of animal based fats, and move towards other nutrients. Seeds, nuts, and avocados have high omega-3′s, which contain a different kind of fat that’s more beneficial as we age. Cutting out meats and replacing them with comparable nutrients is often times the best way to help keep our bodies healthy and happy.


Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise play a massive role in Andropause treatment. As in every treatment, having a body that is fit and has nutrients to run off of is beneficial. Think about the difference between fighting a cold when you’ve eaten terribly, versus when you’re eating full meals. When you’re body is working at a solid pace, you automatically feel better. Remember that Andropause is a collection of symptoms including fatigue and low libido.

But when you think about it, what sort of things are attributed to having a poor diet? What about not exercising? Fatigue, Low libido, and more! So if Andropause causes these things already, you can tell that having a poor diet is just going exacerbate the situation. The last thing of note here, is to realize that when it comes to the body, we’re built to have properly run bodies. It’s always a good idea to be healthier, especially since it can be tougher as we get older.

Keep a solid diet and exercise regiment, and you’ll see a heck of a difference.